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Date + Calendar Screencast (Drupal 6)

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

(If you are looking for Date + Calendar instructions for Drupal 7, look here.)

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Here is a fast screencast covering the Date and Calendar modules for Drupal 6. This recipe illustrates one way to let your users post their own events (like parties, appointments, meetups, etc) that include date information stored in a field. Then you can see how to display these dates on a traditional calendar layout with all the events sorted into the correct days.

The modules doing the heavy work are the Date module (for use with CCK) and Calendar module (for use with Views). Something to note is that the Calendar module provides a number of default views that display a calendar-style layout. While you can simply enable the view called "Calendar" and call it done, this screencast instead demonstrates the two to three different steps one would take to build a calendar-style view from scratch. I chose to do it this way to help you better understand how the all the date and calendar parts fit together.

There is an entirely different approach to making dated nodes, which uses the Event module, but that is not covered in this screencast.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views and CCK modules for Drupal 6. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.

If you find this helpful, drop me a note. Also, if you find anything incorrect that I may have overlooked the please let me know so I can correct it.


ACES!!! Thanks man ...

Do you have a tutorial on integrating pop-up calenders to set to and from dates - like on an airline site or a hotel site? I imagine it would use JQuery ... Thanks a bunch! Odisey

Years later and this tutorial is helpful even in Drupal 7 with repeating dates on an calendar.... Thank You!

I am running Drupal 6.23 (if I upgrade to 6.25.or 6.26 I get watchdog errors) and am no longer able to see a date calendar drop down when trying to enter dates. Could you possibly point me in the right direction to get that functioning?

Cheers and thanks
Martin Fuggle

its really help-full man wish you all the best and we are waiting your new posts keep it up
God Bless you

thanky you for letting me now these new things when using drupal 6 and DATES

When selecting one event in the monthly calendar view, instead of going to first the title then clicking again on the title and opening a teaser then clicking on more to see the event page, how can I change the view to go directly to the event page from the monthly calendar
Appreacite your help with this.

And thank you for the post and great tutorial.
I would like to change the views settings for my calendar. In the month display appears the date, in red, for the listed event for that day. When clicking on the date we see the title of the event then clicking on the title we see the teaser for the event and clicking on "more" we then are taken to the page describing the events.
What I would like is that when clicking on the date of the event in the monthly calendar to be taken directly to the event page for that day.
Appreciate your help on this one.
Thank you

wah wenta

I tried to follow your instructions but I keep getting this message.

user warning: Unknown column 'node_data_field_date.field_date_value' in 'where clause' query: SELECT DISTINCT node.nid AS nid, node.type AS node_type FROM node node WHERE (DATE_FORMAT(ADDTIME(STR_TO_DATE(node_data_field_date.field_date_value, '%Y-%m-%dT%T'), SEC_TO_TIME(-28800)), '%Y-%m') <= '2011-11' AND DATE_FORMAT(ADDTIME(STR_TO_DATE(node_data_field_date.field_date_value2, '%Y-%m-%dT%T'), SEC_TO_TIME(-28800)), '%Y-%m') >= '2011-11') in C:\wamp\www\GhostHunters\sites\all\modules\Views 6.2\views\includes\ on line 814.

What can I be doing wrong? If you could email me at and let me know that would be fantastic.

Thank you so much for the tutoral. It was just right as far as information and delivery. I would like to see a more detailed video for more intricate features like, setting event types to display on the calendar as different colors.

Suggestion; there are no videos out there for installing and configuring Bookings, maybe you should consider creating one?

Thanks again.

Very nice.
A good way to get me started on calendars/events.

Now to add iCal functionality!

Awesome tutorial and my date-browser calendar is functioning! yeah! but unfortunately I (admin) am the only one who can view it :o( My calendar shows up empty, events do not display or un-authenticated users. There was a setting in the views for 'Access' which I did set to 'unrestricted' but I dont see anything else that may help...any suggestions?We do not require our users to log in and authenticate. Thanks a million, you are brilliant!

Disrergard...(trying to not be a nuisance) I have figured out my issue. Thanks again for your AWESOME tutorial, very easy to follow and really helps give newbies a better understanding of each step that you are showing. fabulous.

Hi, please help! How to show in view all events for all years, argument must do month. It is really?

I have some problem with events. I set event's date, for example on 15.01.2011., when I save it date is set to 14.01.2011., and every time when I edit and save event date is set on day earlier.
Do you know what is solution?


Thanks a lot for this well explained tutorial!

Im having a problem in that my calendars month and week views represent the date as the wrong day in the grid. Today is Wednesday, the 15th of december, 2010. My calendar displays the 15th in the thursday block. When i click on the event itself, or the day(the number15) the day view displays as wednesday, december 15th. I dont really know what to do about this. mark @ markkahn dot com

thanks for any help!

Mark: set the first day of the week in the dropdown for the date in `/admin/settings/date-time`.

It's an old bug they thought they had fixed, the date module assuming the wrong first day of the week when none was ever set. Actually setting it actually fixes it.


I'm no developer but I rely on Drupal to projects at my radio station, NHPR, and for nonprofits at which I volunteer. Currently, there's a wellness coalition that wants to have many groups share their events and ongoing programs. I'm writing the specs for what the calendar should do and it was simply enjoyable to see some of the work that takes place behind the scenes. Many thanks for a calm and clear presentation.

Jon Greenberg

Really good stuff. Well done!

Thank you, this is a great tutorial!

i am stuck with these errors.
can anybody help plz
warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in D:\wamp\www\bilt\sites\all\modules\calendar\includes\ on line 47.
warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in D:\wamp\www\bilt\sites\all\modules\calendar\includes\ on line 48.
warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in D:\wamp\www\bilt\sites\all\modules\calendar\includes\ on line 49.
warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in D:\wamp\www\bilt\sites\all\modules\calendar\includes\ on line 50.

download the developer version 6.x-2.x-dev of the calendar module instead, of the 6.x-2.2 version. problem should be solved

Great tutorial. Thank you.

Only want to say your article is awesome. The clarity in your post is simply striking and i can take for granted you are an expert on this field. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the solid work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such an easy to follow tutorial! God bless you.

One of the best drupal tutes i have taken, what you did actually worked on my machine! amazing...

very good


Hey Pal,

Your tutorials are clutch!

Thanks for your help.

Super - Thanks!

how to restrict the user to enter only present date to future dates when used calender popup. can you please tell me ... thanks in advance

Thanks very much. Very clear and much appreciated

Thanks a lot Sean for your very clear screencast! Has been really helpfull to me!

I loved the clarity of your therapeutic session here Sean. I've bookmarked it for what I expect are many future views. This approach will save me a lot of time; I was trying to set up something similar by hand but the calendar module looks perfect. The only thing I'd like to be able to do is integrate Google calendars but I fear that isn't so easy.

Great work, thanks!


Hi Sean -

Just wanted to let you know that this video is super helpful. Thanks for making it available.


You have some of the best tutorials out on the Internet. This one has helped a great deal, do you plan on doing one on creating user profiles with panels? That would be therapy for many if you had the time. Thanks again for creating these great tutorials!

Excellent tutorial thank you very much, not only gave me an insight into setting up a calendar/event style content type, but actually helped me understand views a little bit more!

Excellent video - Thanks for your contribution to the intarwebs!

Great Video! Found it almost 2 years later and still helping. Thanks!

Great video !......
Awesome tutorial for Date + calenrder
Thanks !.

Hello Sean,
congratulations for your videos, it's a great help for drupal beginners like me.

many thanks from Spain.

all the best

Sean, thank very much for this vid, help me a lot to open my eye with drupal

Hi Sean,
Thanks for this tutorial !
Just a small question about date, do you know how to block access to past date when users fill the date field ? Thanks for the help !

Very nice, thanks!

Thnks u Very much. I still learn about VIEW. This video help me alot. Keep a good work!


I think I have watched this video a good 4 times now over the last year. Each time I have done so for a new website, and each time it has saved me from struggling through it all over again. I think I have it figured out permanently now, so thank you very much.


Great tutorial!

Helped me a lot. Thanks :)
I ran into this error "The date argument date fields must be added to this query. You can exclude them if you do not want them" and found the solution here:

Great tutorial! Now I can set to work with this great piece of how to do it...Thanks a million.


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