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Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

To help you better understand what we do, please read over our Frequently Asked Questions section below. You can always contact us if your question is not answered here.

What exactly do you do?

Drupaltherapy is primarily a training business. Learning Drupal is not a casual task for many people. Even though you can learn everything you need to know by reading the community handbooks and developer's blogs, it doesn't mean you have to or have time to. Sometimes it's seriously beneficial to get focused training from a professional. We have a great understanding of the Drupal project and a great knack for teaching technology and offer these training and mentoring services to you.

To what levels do you teach?

Our most valuable asset in the training business is our skill and experience in breaking down fundamentals and concepts into pieces that are digestible regardless of skill level. We offer introductory classes for groups who have little experience with Drupal, and offer advanced training for a variety of specific needs.

What are your registration policies?

Unless other arrangements are made, our workshops require advanced registration and payment to attend. Enrollment fees must be in good standing at the start of the workshop or attendees will not be admitted.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, we have a clear policy regarding cancellation of enrollment.

If you cancel enrollment up to seven days prior to the workshop you will be refunded your enrollment fees minus a $25 admin fee. If you cancel within seven days of the workshop we cannot refund any portion of your enrollment fee. These policies enable us to carefully balance travel, location, expense and other costs and provide reliable services to our students.

Can you teach me how to use module X?

Well, yes. But our approach to training is one that shapes understanding through a foundation of building blocks. In order to grasp how to do things with the software, it's important to understand the fundamental systems that make Drupal tick. Drupaltherapy trainees benefit from a holistic approach to Drupal core, modules and themes.

I can learn anything I need to know about Drupal from the internet. Why does anyone need a class?

Very good point, thank you for asking. You could certainly learn all this stuff on your own for free. We can't claim to offer more information and expertise than what already exists between Drupal's free online handbooks and forums. But what we do offer is a learning experience that covers the basics, guided by real human beings who are pretty good at this stuff already.

What materials do you cover in your basic therapies?

You can read up on the curriculum components by looking at the components section.

Who is the instructor and how do I know this person is good?

Everything you would need to know about the instructor is on his profile page, just click here. If you want to get a taste of the training technique, style and timbre, just watch a couple of the screencasts.

Should I bring my own laptop to this course?

These are BYOT (bring your own technology) style classes and we encourage you to bring whatever materials suit you best for learning in a classroom environment. Some students have brought their own laptops and others have brought a pen and paper. All other materials will be provided for you, including class syllabi and notes, reference information, and even the instructor's presentation slides will be available to you. The classroom will also have wireless internet access.

Some students find it helpful to have access to a Drupal site for learning. We are happy if this method suits you but note that you must make these arrangements on your own and we cannot troubleshoot your technical problems during class time.

You could register for an inexpensive hosting service that preconfigures Drupal for you (we have recommendations, contact us). We also recommend using MAMP (Mac) or XAMPP (Win) to emulate a server environment on your laptop and install Drupal on top. Please do your own research before you try either option!

Do you share my private information after I take your workshops?

At no time will we ever release the personal or payment information of our clients or students to anyone, ever. On some occasions, information and quotes gathered from surveys may be used for marketing Drupaltherapy sessions.

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