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If you've enjoyed Drupaltherapy's screencasts...

Dear Drupal community,

If you've enjoyed the Drupal 5, 6 and 7 screencasts I've produced in the last few years, then I'd like to ask you to direct your appreciation to a fundraising effort for a non-profit organization that uses Drupal in some pretty neat ways.

I've been the web developer for Cambridge Community Television's Drupal-based website since 2005, and I'm also the associate director. CCTV is a 501c3 private non-profit that helps Cambridge residents use new technologies to engage in local issues - through television, radio and the internet. I cut my teeth on Drupal 4-something in launching CCTV's first iterations of its community mapping tool and facilitated civic journalism program. CCTV has nudged along a number well-loved contributed modules from the Video module to the Embedded Media Module, and directly funded a number of helpful community efforts - such as a migration script for moving between Image and Imagefield modules. It's a little organization but it has spunk!

Now, I'm hoping it's not too inappropriate to ask my screencast watchers to, if they are so inclined, show any small amount of appreciation by pitching in to CCTV's fundraising efforts. A couple of dollars or whatever. They are moving to a new facility and it's very expensive and disruptive to their operations - including the tiny improvements CCTV is normally capable of making to Drupal and the community at large. If you're in the Boston area then I'll cook you a burger at a special donor BBQ at the end of the summer.

Thanks for letting me pitch this and thanks for any support you can lend CCTV.

Sean Effel


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